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Ren’s Eastbourne- Our Exciting New Project!!

I moved to Eastbourne during the pandemic, so I’ve been a resident for a while now. I love

the town so much. As a runner, it’s so amazing to have the seafront and also the South

Downs within minutes and the views are something else.

My kids go to school here, and my wife has worked in Eastbourne since 2012, so it felt right

during the lockdowns to make a base closer to those things as a family during such uncertain

times. As a result, I had a long commute to Worthing to get to my work which I really

enjoy- it’s the only bit of ‘quiet time’ I get with three kids!

I pass by the same café with the kids every morning doing the school run, and we always used

to stop for croissants for them and an espresso for me. When it came up for offer, it was a no-

brainer for me to take on. Ethan, my 5 year old, loves to bake so really wants to come and

work in the kitchen whereas Rohan, my eldest, is fascinated that I am the boss. He really

wants to see me boss my staff about.

My original café in Worthing is one of my proudest achievements, as it really makes me feel like a part of the local community. Over the years it has become a meeting place for local residents, tradesmen, and a base from where we feel like we can offer something really special to the local community, businesses, schools etc. I have dreamed of having the same thing in Eastbourne now that I have similarities here too.

I’m so excited to get involved in local community projects in Eastbourne in the same way I do in Worthing. What started as a bit of a passion project (somewhere my kids can bring their friends after school for tea) is turning into something so exciting.

We are totally renovating the site, putting in an open kitchen where my chefs will be cooking

breakfast, brunch and lunch every day. We are also building a proper bakery kitchen

downstairs and we have the most amazing artisan baker, Bridy, who will be knocking out

fresh sourdough, cakes, and everything you can imagine from her magical cave!

I am so proud of my incredible new team here too and I can’t believe they all agreed to quit

their jobs to come with me on this new adventure. This was however on the promise that the building site I

showed them would one day be an awesome cafe! Thanks to you guys in advance.

I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going, and I can’t wait to meet all our new friends and


I will, of course, still have my HQ in Worthing and I still love getting out to cater all our

amazing weddings - I just need to figure out how to clone myself now!

Contact us now for more information.

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